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Beat Anatomy

Beat Anatomy is an emerging electronic music band from Iran. They work with different musical styles, such as Uplifting Trance/Progressive Trance/Chillout & Ambient. The band started in September 2013, consisting out of two producers, Meysam Ahmadi and Amin Norollahi. They have developed their musical skills without any training. Their innovative style and creative approach, seeks to create a common language across generations, and has attracted a growing number of followers.

Meysam Ahmadi: Meysam was born in Dec 25, 1987 in Kerman - Iran. He started making Electronic Music when he was about 20 years old. He finds his talent in the trance style together with Amin Norollahi, they are friend since 1994 till now.

Amin Norollahi: Amin was born in July 23, 1988 in Kerman - Iran. He started with making music when he was 15 years old. He discovered himself in trance style together with Meysam Ahmadi and they decided to run there Beat Anatomy music band.