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Galileo Dreams Artists


Born on November 17, 1971, in a home belonging to a working class family from Mataro, David had always felt something special about the music. He usually recorded music radio programs and mixing songs with a double tape deck, and played the flute and some percussion instruments. When he was 14, David was already fascinated about studio equipment, musical instruments, first home computer systems and things related to electronic music. At 18 he bought his first Technics turntables, a mixer and played on several private parties. He spent time producing his first songs with a Commodore Amiga 500. At that time, David studied computer systems engineering and each time he was more interested in music technology. For him, music was an escape to several family conficts, life was not easy due to his sensibility. In fact, he learned to accept the decisions made by his father as a way to survive and avoid confrontations.

In 1994 David graduated himself in computer engineering and worked in several companies for short periods of time. In 1998, he produced his first 12inch maxisingle: Tekkno By-Pass - It's a great fun (Blanco y Negro Music). He also worked as a teacher in secondary schools until 2001. In that year, he decided to start a small computer technology bussiness which was closed at the end of 2005. David began to study piano at the age 27 at Musical Mataro academy. During this time, David produced his first songs with an Atari Falcon 30, Cubase Audio 16 and some hardware equipment like Yamaha AN1 synthesizer and Akai S3000XL digital sampler, among others.

Meanwhile in 2003, David began his professional DJ career in a popular summer terrace from Vilassar de Mar, he done sessions at several venues and international clubs without public recognition. He could not longer DJ'ing due to economic difficulties and started to teach computing again. This made it hard for David to study piano and produce songs. In 2009, David and his wife decided to move to another town for a new beginning. The change was not easy but a year later David started his studies of music at the Municipal School of La Seu d'Urgell.

David has directed and presented music radio programs during 2010 and has produced music for several record labels: DanceDP, Beyond Recordings, TFB Records and recently for Galileo Dreams Recordings. Now David is continuing his music studies and he is dreaming about his future...

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