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Green Sun

Green Sun is a chill-out, new age electronic musical project whose sole member is an Israeli producer and composer Michael Hefetz. Michael was born in 1978 in Belarus and in 1990 moved to Israel. He started writing music at the age 16, when was introduced by one of his classmates to MOD tracker music. The first attempts to compose music on computer were done with Scream Tracker in 1994. He wrote music despite his lack of formal music education. By following the 'trial & error' method he learned the basics about music theory. During that period he was also strongly influenced by Jean Michel Jarre and early 90's dance bands like Dr. Alban, Snap and more.

A few years later he found the world of midi music and understood that this was the way to create the music he liked. In 2000 Michael purchased his first significant equipment - a Roland XP-30 synthesizer. He quickly improved on his piano skills through self teaching. His inspiration came mostly from Vangelis and Enigma.

All the music was written with XP-30 and Voyetra Digital Orchestrator Plus untill 2003, when Michael in addition to Roland started making music with Steinberg Cubase and VST plugins. And he is working with this equipment till now.

These days, in addition to composing, Michael is learning to play piano and guitar cause he believes it is the bottleneck in his music writing.

In the beginning of 2008 Michael upgraded his small studio with Virus B synthesizer and it became his main instrument.

At the end of 2008 Green Sun signed with Amadea Records label and released first official audio CD Dream elements.

In 2011 a new album "The Page Of Life" was released.

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