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Ace Matters a.k.a. Healing Energy Music

Healing Energy Music [real name Ace Matters] producer, composer, artist.

Born in East Melbourne on the 19th of September, 1979, from a loving family (with a vast musical background and many years of experience), Ace Matters has always been destined for a career in music. He started playing the guitar at 14 and has been inseparable from it ever since. Music is Ace’s passion, so it wasn't too long before he was producing his own music and began building his musical skills.

With 18 years experience in performance, 15 years in composition and 12 years in production and editing (various music genres), he is well accomplished in his field. After a multitude of personal production projects (200+projects ranging from soft rock ballads to hard rock through to more electronic mediums, urban music and hip hop), Ace has always enjoyed discovering the complexities and differentiation of techniques involved with composing, producing and editing each style of music.

It was suggested that Ace try his hand at relaxation music, little did he know this would become his forte and a positive direction for his life. Ace started Healing Energy Music on the 23rd of June, 2011, and since moving from Albany (WA), now resides in Brisbane, Australia, working tirelessly out of his home studio and on all facets of his business.

His love for what he does, shows in all aspects of his music, his constant hard work and long hours of composing, producing and editing his product have led to what you see, hear and enjoy today.

Let Healing Energy Music pave the way for your complete relaxation music needs.

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