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My name is Frank. I am an electronic musician from Denmark. I have listen to electronic music since the early 80's and I still do. From techno-pop, to acid-techno, goa-trance, industrial, dub and ambient. The first synth I bought was an Korg Mono/Poly. A fantastic synth. I started to make music in beginning of the late 80's where I also started to take piano lessons. With 3 very good friends, we started a band called "noXcuse". We were heavily inspired by Depeche Mode and Front 242.

SecondFace is my own musical project. The music is 100% electronic. All tracks are programmed, played, recorded and arranged in a mixture of hardware and software instruments. I use lots of time with field-recording and programming my own sounds. The music style is characterized by large floating ambient sounds, with elements of for example Dub-techno. The inspiration comes from the nature around me, the four distinct seasons in Denmark, my own state of mind and many years of interest in all kind of electronic music.