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Galileo Dreams Artists

Solid Skill

Solid Skill is a project from Holland consisting of DJ/producer Michiel van Dijk and producer/singer Carina Meeuwig., who both developed their composing and producing skills at an early stage in life. It's the melodic beauty of trance music that binds the strength of these talents. Its powerful emotional energy keeps them inspired and fuels their creative partnership.

Michiel van Dijk

Started to explore the potential of his talent early in life. He began taking Piano lessons and developed a passion for electronic dance music which resulted in programming his own tracks on his computer. In his early twenties Michiel perfected his technical skills by taking a course in Music Production. Shortly thereafter he spun his first record and within a year he was playing stages throughout the country. The tracks he produces are energetic and techy with beautiful, catchy melodies and percussions that make it hard to stand still. Definitely meant for those peak-time moments on the dancefloor when the crowd needs more energy!

Carina Meeuwig

When Carina Meeuwig was born in 1979 she was destined to become a musician. Ever since she could reach the piano Carina taught herself to play, mostly classical music. Raised in a family with wide musical tastes she discovered trance music; a new love-for-life was born. She started toying around with several producing programs to create her own tracks. Her sound is best described as deeply melodic, moving and a little bit melancholic, with captivating layered synths, warm swirling arpeggios and her own characteristic voice. But always with a pounding electronic beat underneath. All you need to take the crowd to another dimension.