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Tonepoet (Thomas Lindsey) hails from Daytona Beach, Florida. Even at a young age, Tonepoet had a musical upbringing, and being the youngest child of six kids in the household allowed him to take in the constantly revolving musical colors of his older siblings. Tonepoet eventually started with guitar at the early age of 16, with aspirations of becoming a touring musician and following in the footsteps of guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page. His musical thirst for greater knowledge outside of private instruction ignited his passion to further his studies and seek a degree in jazz performance at Daytona State College.

While in college, Tonepoet came into contact with many touring musicians that gave him the itch to get out on the road. He eventually made the move to Germany, finding himself in the unique position to work as a sideman for touring bands. His knowledge of jazz improvisation and his natural inclination to play rock allowed him to cover jazz, rock, R&B, and country, becoming a reliable first call musician. After touring through Europe for 10 years, he decided to come back to the United States (and Asia) to work on a career in the business management field. Eventually going back to music, he made an eventual move to the Savanah, Georgia area to take in the sounds and grooves of jam band groups, further refining his abilities to weave intricate jazz harmonies with pop structures. Moving from the Southern US up to Alaska for 5 years to cover more ground as a musician eventually led him to settle down in the Baltimore/Washington DC area. He still works as a professional touring musician, touring 110+ days a year across the Continental US with no want to subside in the future.

Having worked under various guises as Harmony & Decay and infinite_coil, Tonepoet is as comfortable weaving colorful ambient soundscapes as he is with a straight ahead jazz trio setting or face melting progressive rock. Tonepoet keeps busy running a blog and podcast (Spaceman's Transmissions) that features ambient mixes from himself, guests mixes, collaborations, and independent music reviews. He also runs the very humble netlabel Rusted Sun.

"In my 'day job', I play a lot of notes. For me, and my profession, ambient music is a very radical departure. I've been listening to and dabbling in it for many years now, and I feel quite comfortable creating ethereal progressions. Most of what I strive to make is harmonically charged; I want to create movement within the piece that are able to take the listener on a sonic journey. By pooling my musical resources together, I'm allowed to create music without inhibitions as to what is right or wrong. I let my ear create the path, and rely on musical experience and knowledge to light it."

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