Galileo Dreams Artist


Astral Fogg [a.k.a. Jeff Fogg] is an American composer/producer originally from the beautiful state of Maine.

Jeff began composing music at the age of eleven. Whenever he became bored practicing his piano lessons, Jeff would attempt to create his own compositions.

Although the original music at the time was very crude, it began to pave the way to the beautiful music he creates today. Jeff’s early influences are from classic rock artists Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Genesis and many early New Age artists from the 80's and early 90's. His first exposure to pure electronic instrumental music was as a teen. Soon after listening to “Soul of the Machine”, which was an 1980s electronic compilation album from various Windham Hill artists, he bought his first synthesizer and began to experiment with different sounds. As Jeff began his recording career in the early 2000s, he began to explore his own atmospheric electronic compositions, especially when the sounds that he was finally looking for became more attainable.

Between composing and recording electronic music, Jeff had also played drums for a couple local rock bands based in Chicago; because he loves the energy that rock music brings. However, writing original atmospheric music is his passion and says "sometimes, the music writes itself and time seems to disappear.” Music is his prayer.