Galileo Dreams Artist


While many artists and musicians bring the particular flavors and influences of their native land to their art, Kristin Amarie is truly a “global citizen” and her music reflects the incredible diversity that has been her life experience. While she was born and brought up in Norway, her horizons were expanded when she spent her late teens on the island of Cyprus, and a good part of her adult life in New Delhi. Adding to her international adventures were periods of time spent in London, Bangkok, Malta, and France, all the time absorbing the cultural milieu she was exposed to.

Kristin’s roots in music go back to her childhood when she would sing and make up her own tunes. Sensing her potential, Kristin’s parents nurtured her budding talents by providing her with private vocal lessons from some of the best teachers in Norway and Sweden. Early influences ranged from Bach and Chopin to Disney soundtracks. This professional training in her formative years was vital and she developed the vocal skills necessary to be able to perform in a wide variety of musical contexts, including performing with various groups singing everything from Scandinavian folk songs to bossa nova in Europe, Asia and the US. More recently her musical frontiers have extended to some of the latest contemporary musical genres, such as her work with Russian ambient/chill producer Solarsoul in Moscow. Their first song, "Hope Never Dies," made it to number 31 on the Beatport Top 100.

But the best is yet to come as Kristin Amarie steps into her own spotlight as a recording artist with her debut solo release, entitled Notes from a Journey, produced by Grammy-nominated producer Alex Salzman in NY. Among the highlights is a very special guest appearance by world-famous musician David Lanz, who collaborated on a couple of original songs with Kristin and adds his artistic touch on piano as well as in lyrics. This album provides the perfect vehicle for her to finally express the full range of her talent, from ethereal Enya-like incantations to lushly orchestrated compositions with echoes of the far corners of the world Kristin has inhabited. She is well aware of the power of music and shares: “I’ve had some challenging times in life myself and know how important music was to me during those times and how music can function as a healer in many ways.” This belief provides the basis for her goals as an artist.