Galileo Dreams Artist


Nale [a.k.a Morpheus 7] [real name Andreas Elter and Melanie Görbert]

Nale are Andreas Elter and Melanie Gorbert from Oldenburg in Germany, and the project was born in 2005.

Nale mostly produce downtempo chilled out, catchy electro, ambient tracks with the occasional vocal trance number and beautiful, warm electronic sounds.

Melanie is the voice of Nale and also turns her hand at writing the bands lyrics. Melanie was born in 1972 in Loningen and from an early age her family knew she was destined for a career in music. Music became a big part of her life and she was constantly requested to sing at Karaoke competitions and actually winning most of them. She was booked regularly for parties and always kept the crowds happy and entertained.

Andreas was born in 1975 in Oldenburg and like Melanie music was a very big part of his early life. From a young age he was cutting tapes and creating extended mixes of his favourite songs, this later led him into mixing vinyl and CD and he became a DJ in 1993 playing lots of parties around Oldenburg. In 1995 he got into music production and took influence from many of the top trance artists at that time. Producing under the name of T-United, he saw releases with D-Formation and hosted radioshows around Oldenburg. In the following years he honed his production skills through advanced learning of music technology and he graduated from SAE College with audio and sound engineering. Andreas also writes lyrics for Nale and after meeting Melanie they went on to produce stunning works.

Nale joined the first album "Phenomenon" on Bonzai Elemental in 2008 and in the last five years, a lot of releases followed on many labels, in 2013 also on Galileo Dreams Recordings.