Galileo Dreams Artist


Peter Ries from Wiesbaden, is considered to be one of the most successful award winning and hit records producers and composers in Germany and can look back on a long career in the international music industry.
Peter Ries was especially influenced in the 80’s by his work together with  Michael Cretu, the founder and innovator of ENIGMA , as well as the producer of Sandra. Peter toured through Europe for several years with Sandra and played bass on numerous TV shows
for Sandra and band.
Around the same time, he started an intensive collaboration with his long-time production and business partner, Reinhard Besser, which still prospers to this day. Together, the two were responsible for such ad hits for Jacobs Kaffee, Fiat UNO, Coca Cola as well as many other brand name products.
In the 90’s, the age of remixing began for Peter on a large international scale. His successful dance remixes for e.i. La Bouche, Culture Beat, Love Inc., Dr. Alban, Scatman John et al, stormed the world-wide dance floor. Peter hasremixed the best of pop names such as Kylie, Beyonce, Enigma etc…
The seamless transition of successful collaborations with the likes of  *N Sync, the US Dance-Queen Kristine W, Love Inc. was
a foundation for a multitude of productions and cooperations in the USA and Canada. These achievements were crowned with multiple gold and platinum awards  (N*Sync, Love Inc., Matrix) as well as three JUNO Awards (Canadian Grammy) for the best production in Dance.
Hardly any other producer in Germany can offer such a wide spectrum of styles in his work. (No Angels, Falco, Xavier Naidoo, Juliette Schoppmann, DSDS, Joanna Zimmer, EAV).
As a basis for the coming years, Peter Ries has established a well functioning network with his partners in Europe, the UK and the USA, serving all musical divisions, from music production, mixes, composing to remixes.
His main project is Saint of Sin which is his own work along with the two exceptionally unique and powerful voices of Rasa Serra and Stellar.
Stellar (Ireland) has a history of big band swing and jazz orchestra work which she sang at the Ritz Hotel London, as well as being a session singer for many large brand jingles globally.
She has been singing in the language of light for the last 5 years and her vocals are featured on the premiere release of Saint of Sin’s Liquid Light. Stellar also recorded her 2nd Album in the Kings Chamber of the great pyramid in Giza and whilst she was in the pyramid she mapped the
interior resonance for AudioEase Altiverb, which is now used by studio professionals the world over and has been used in the soundtrack of Interstellar and countless other Hollywood movie productions.

Rasa Serra (Lithuania) is a gifted soloist with an ability to perform a wide range of music, from modern jazz, pop and Language of Light to ancient Lithuanian folk songs. Rasa has gained national recognition as an artistmaking an impact on Lithuanian cultural heritage. In 2006, she was nominated for the best ethno-musical performer for her lead vocals in the Donis project CD Bite Lingo.

In 2010 Rasa participated in a special competition commemorating the 20th anniversary of project Enigma.

Rasa was a featured vocalist in the commemorative project Enigma song, „MMX The Social Song“.