Galileo Dreams Artist


Solarsoul [Igor Shalin] – musician, producer and art-painter, from S, Moscow Region.

Leading directors for of many channels on Digitally Imported Radio and RadioTunes. The owner of the label Galileo Dreams. The creator of radio show «Shining Sleep»,  which started in 2008 year. In 2011 year it was closed.

Some words about me. I’m not a master of beautiful writing about myself, so it’ll be rather short.

I have another passion except music. This is astronomy, and all this is connected with cosmos, universe and other civilizations.

I like watching in my telescope in summer night and represent in my head mysterious galaxy, nebula, stars. When I was young, I was an amateur artist. I am sure it was painting, than helped me to create my music, my radio shows. Nothing happens by chance in this life and everything, is determined. While I was making music I met many amazing talented and really wonderful people from different part of the world. Music is probably one of the languages that don’t need to be translated. People understand each other without words, and really, music has no age limit.

In all the time that I make music, I met many wonderful and talented people of different parts of the world. Music is probably one of the few languages that does not need to be translated, and people understand each other without words and for she has no age limit. I am very grateful to the musicians with whom I worked and created music. Special thanks to Kristin Amarie,  Nimanty,  Hollan Holmes,  Ryan Farish,  Saint of Sin [Peter Ries, Stellar Fairbairn],  Jasmin Faridi, Anhidema,  Echo-Es,  Nale.

I wish you peace and quietness in your hearts, appreciate every moment of your life and enjoy every minute of it. Take care of yourself, your nearest and dearest. And let you soul always shine, no matter whats’s around you.

Yours sincerely I.Sh.