The Starry Cradle [COMPILATION]


01.Hollan Holmes - Aeon
02.Solarsoul and Nimanty - The Starry Sky (Original Space Ambient Mix)
03.Sinoptik Music - Touch the Universe
04.U.O.K. - Docking (We Are in Space)
05.Ambientsketchbook - Raining Freedom
06.Lumiere Tales - Forest of Myth
07.Tripless - Sirena
08.Solarsoul - We Are Not Alone in the Universe (Rework 2013)
09.Stray Theories - Only You
10.Echo-ES - Farewell My Sea
11.Solarsoul and Artissound - New Beginning (Original Ambient Mix)

"The Starry Cradle" - is the story of where we came from. We are children of the stars, stardust and the farthest reaches of space that keep their secret origins of life. All of which we can see in our minds with beautiful music. Sit back, we're going on a journey into the depths of space ...